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High-Performance Computing Cluster in Center of Regenerative Medicine

High-Performance Computing Cluster in Center of Regenerative Medicine (RegMed-HPC) are open to members of Center of Regenerative Medicine, and provides the computing and storage resources to facilitate regenerative medicine research for Washington University research community. RegMed-HPC has 120TB extendable storage space which connects to 96×2.3GHz computing cores by 10Gb ultrafast ethernet networking.  Please contact us for creating personal account.

Connect to RegMed-HPC

RegMed-HPC has two servers to process login request and supply computing resources.

Users must use ssh to connect personal terminal to RegMed-HPC.

Mac user could use terminal (application embedded in OS X, under: /application/utilities/) to connect two servers of RegMed-HPC by following commend:

ssh user@regmedhpc1.wustl.edu

ssh user@regmedhpc2.wustl.edu

Windows users could use putty software (http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html) to connect two servers of RegMed-HPC, the host name and port number is :

regmedhpc1.wustl.edu: 18071

regmedhpc2.wustl.edu: 18071

Disk space policies

Home directories are storage space for uses. By default, the storage limitation is 1TB for each lab. If you need additional space, please contact us.